Revisiting the Four Ps of Marketing

It’s now been so long that I almost feel I should blog about not blogging. And, renew my commitment to getting myself out there in the (dare I use the term) blogosphere. But, I won’t.

The first thing I’ll do is point you to my newest research report, just published yesterday — “Expanding Globally, Marketing Locally: Adapting the Four Ps of Marketing to New B2B Markets.” As one of my colleagues commented, it’s “back to the basics.” (Gosh…I hope he didn’t mean that pejoratively.) A fresh look at the basics is always of value in my book. And, admittedly, I wrote it as much for me as for anyone else. I wanted to lay out a structure for myself and for my future research. Next comes deeper dives into some of the topic areas. But, the structure is there and we can all reference it — me, my colleagues, and our Forrester clients.

moulinrouge_larger3Also feel free to listen to a Forrester Teleconference that I gave last week on the report.

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