Re-write the netbook story for a wider audience

Netbooks have cOLPCome a long way from their first appearance as the low-cost device for students in emerging markets — the “$100 laptop” distributed via the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative.   In fact they’ve come so far that they’ve apparently forgotten their roots.  Netbooks are now — like the pug in my previous post — an “accessory” or a “companion.”  But, neither of those messages resonates well with some audiences — like B2B buyers — or in certain parts of the world — emerging markets.   Netbooks are much more than luxury goods.  And, they don’t need to be relegated to children or students in emerging markets.  Many business users don’t need all the computing power in vivenne-tam-netbookmost desktops or laptops.  In fact, for most uses a netbook is more than enough.  And, for users buying a computer for the first time — and perhaps replacing their mobile phone as their primary internet access device — netbooks are by far an improvement: imagine a full screen and a real keyboard for the first time.  Or imagine not having to go to an internet café to use a PC.  Yes, netbooks are a great device for businesses in emerging markets.  Let’s hope that netbook marketers don’t just focus their attention on the fashion runway.

My upcoming report “Re-write the Story on Netbooks: Get the B2B Story Right for Netbooks in Emerging Markets” will be out soon.  Stay tuned.


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    This is a fantastic overview – thanks so much for putting it together. One of the best I’ve read on here.

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