What’s tough got to do with it?

Why does “tough” as an adjective usually mean something bad? “Tough luck” isn’t something you want to have.  “Tough love” … nope.  But, a “tough book”… yep.  I am the proud owner of a new Panasonic Toughbook F8 with AT&T Laptop Connect, and it is so cool.  But, so far, it really doesn’t seem very tough.  Not in the figurative sense as used with love or luck, nor in the literal sense.  And, so far I mean that in a good way.

Here are some of my first reactions:

1. Light as a feather. OK, when I first picked it up it didn’t have the battery in it.  But, even with the battery it weighs next to nothing… at least compared to my Dell Latitude which I might start using as a free weight instead of a laptop.

2. Cute little handle.  I feel like a little girl with a new purse, and I’m sure that’s what I looked like as I pranced (yes, pranced) around my office holding my new laptop by the handle.  Did I mention that it’s so cool?

3. It works.  I’ll admit that I haven’t done a whole lot with it so far.  But, I get pleasure from the really simple things in life… it connects to the internet, the mouse takes me where I want to go, a click is a click and a double click is just that … two clicks.  A working mouse is not to be taken for granted, believe me.

The image of someone prancing around with a light as a feather laptop doesn’t conger up the image of tough as in “tough guy/girl”.  And, it actually doesn’t seem like it would survive a fall which I really want to test.  It’s just calling out to be dropped!  But, it does feel really plastic and I don’t want to hurt it.   It just doesn’t feel tough at all.  We’ll see if it can survive me.

I’ve never had a Panasonic.  I started with Thinkpads, then moved to Toshiba which I had great luck with, except for the water on the keyboard and the hot chocolate spill.  ( As an aside, if your kids have a hot chocolate with you and your laptop in a cafe, make sure the hot chocolate has whipped cream.  When spilled, the whipped cream clogs the fan and prevents the hot chocolate from getting into the laptop.  Yet another reason to like whipped cream.) However… back to my laptop history… in the past year I’ve been through three Dell Latitudes.  The first one blew up.  Not literally but it overheated and died.  Then the screen on the second one gave out on me.  And, I lost a hard drive somewhere in there as well.  And, I’m 0 for 3 for the internal mice which is why I’m so excited about the mouse in my Toughbook.  I’m actually on my third Dell so I haven’t really “been through” three yet.  Working on it, though, I’m sure.

Now here’s the bad news.  While I have this great new perfect-for-work-travel laptop, my employer will not officially allow me to use it yet.  I’m still lobbying but in the meantime I’ll just call it my…  my Toughbook… I just like the name too!


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